Wiki Axe

The Wiki Axe is a replacement of the standard Pickaxe, it has no special abilities, but is used as a prestige item to show off. The Wiki Axe was introduced in June 2011 as a replacement for the Tech Axe.

The Wiki Axe is given out only to players who contribute to the FortressCraft Wiki. Significant, constructive contribution recognised by the wiki Admins will grant the axe. The Wiki Axe was first given out to all the orginal members of the FortressCraft Wiki. Historically, the Axe was also been given out as a reward for official tournaments.

The Axe was originally designed by a previous wiki admin, however the axe had to be tweaked for in game use and was edited and textured by the 3D artist Andy.

The Wiki Axe has a new texture as of CP9.