Water Blocks allow the host of the game to place water anywhere in the world. The Water will travel infinitely in any direction, except up, and will only stop if the surrounding area is blocked off.


  • The water in the Spawn Tower is the only water in the game that does not require a source block.
  • There is currently 6 Types of water details avaliable to change though the visual settings in the menu.
  • Water can still pass and travel through the following blocks: Window,Truss, Space Window, Space Grille, My First Window, Easter Egg, and any Custom Blocks.
  • The Workshop will flood if water gets in but there will be no water design within the workshop itself, except for the underwater effect when going beneath the water line.
  • If the water is not blocked off it could spread to edge of your world until you delete the source block. You will have to back out to the menu and re-enter for the water to completely disappear.
  • Additonally, you can add water though the Console Command using a keyborad/chatpad using the command "AddWater ImNotAfraid" (The water will disappear after you leave the game).
  • Currently, the preview of the Water Block is the same as Canvas Blue.
  • If you are under water and you turn your Jetpack on, your screen will still show you are under water, even if you rise above the water line. To fix this, just turn your jetpack off.

Future Updates:

DjArcas has said that there will be a "Wand of Empowerment" put in the game in a later patch that will allow the host of the game to give more permissions to people in there game that they choose. This may include placing Water Blocks.