The Wanderer is an entity with a working title of 'Chuck Tesla.' The wanderer was originally added in the 1.1 pre-alpha patch and remained unused, but was implemented into the game during Content Patch 8. However this information is possibly inaccurate due to the fact that The Wanderer is an NPC test for future versions. It is not possible to spawn the wanderer via Console Commands.


It is known that walking close to him causes The Wanderer to flail his arms and run away, and getting even closer causes him to disappear into black smoke and red eyes. He also switches between different Relics and Server Rewards at random. Turning on your Jetpack causes The Wanderer to fly up into the sky and returns at the same spot when your jetpack is turned off (unless you are standing near the spot where he flew up). He is also not synced with other players, meaning players in the same game can see him in different spots at the same time. It is not known if The Wanderer will include any more actions.


The Wanderer appears as a grey Robot with different colors like grey and black at some times. He also has two glowing red eyes similar to the Wasp when it is alerted in FPS mode.