Andrews Xbox-20

Hunt or be Hunted!

The Hunt is a game mode in FortressCraft, it is unlocked after collecting the Predator Blades, Thermal Helmet and Optical Camo Relics.


All relics are turned off at the start of the game and one player is selected as 'the Hunter', this player has all the Hunt-specific relics enabled and is tasked with 'hunting' the other players. Once a player is hunted, they enter a camera view and have to spectate for the rest of the round. When all players are hunted, the last player alive is the round winner and a new round begins with a new Hunter. As with Freeze Tag, the game ends when the host decides.

Building a Hunt ArenaEdit

Players in the Hunt game mode can only jump one block high as all relics are disabled for standard players with the exception of the hunt-specific relics for the hunter. Flatland is preferable so that players aren't jumping about all the time, cover to hide behind is also advised so the hunter can't instantly find the hunted. Building walls around the arena is encouraged so that players cannot cheat by leaving the arena and hiding elsewhere. As of Patch 1.1 it is advised that you build an arena close to the spawn with a way of jumping in over the walls as when the hunter respawns in a new round it resets to the Spawn Tower.