Spleef Gun

Spleef is a game mode inspired by the minigame traditionally played in Minecraft. Spleef in Minecraft is a gentleman's agreement between players, in which players admit they are out and act accordingly.

However, it is officially supported in FortressCraft. When a player is out, they cannot compete in the game and go into no-clip / spectator mode until the round has finished. The game mode is unlocked by collecting the Spleef Gun Relic.


All players start in the spleef arena, the aim of the game is to use the spleef gun to remove the canvas from underneath the other players with the left trigger to 'spleef' them.

When a player stands on a Block that isn't Canvas, they are 'spleefed' and therefore out of the game. If the last two players are spleefed at the same time the game is a draw, otherwise the winner is the person left alive at the end of the game.

In multi-layer Spleef, the gameplay is the same except there are one or more other platforms that the player can fall onto underneath the top layer. Once a player has fallen down a layer, the player can remove both the layer above and the layer they are on. As the game progresses players move further and further down the layers. When the player reaches the last layer, they are 'spleefed'.

Building a Spleef Arena

Because of the rules of the game, the spleef arena floor must be made of canvas. However, the size/shape/height of the arena can be to the players design. At the end of a Spleef game, the arena will rebuild on its own as of Content Patch 9, as long as the total removed count is less than 4096 blocks. The rebuild will take longer if the game is busy and also may not rebuild if the game was ended early by host but this is fixed in Content Patch 10.

A variant on the standard arena is a multi-layer Spleef arena, the is build in a similar way to a standard arena, only there are two or more layers to the Spleef arena with a gap of 2-5 blocks between each layer.


  • Stepping on a custom block will not have you 'spleefed'
  • Trampolines can be used when jumping only
  • Ladders can also be used but cannot be destroyed so it should be agreed to not camp and only use to go up or down and then jump right off of them.
  • There is a bug were the Spleef gun is held backwards by your enemies.