Solar Panel

Solar Panel open during the day

Solar Panels are deployable tools used in the FPS game mode in Fortresscraft. During the day they open up to expose the solar panels and at night they close up, as there is no sunlight to collect. They cost 50 Gears to create.

To override the solar panel model with Custom Blocks, use the block names 'setname solarpanel' and 'setname solarstack.'


Solar Panels gain energy over time and once full, if possible discharge to a nearby Capacitor. If no capacitor is available, the solar panel will remain at full charge until the player takes the energy for shield replenishment or lightning gun ammo by walking up to it and holding B.

Currently, solar panels charge at both during the day and the night, but this has been hinted at as either a mistake or a bug, and is likely to change in a future patch.