Server rewards are prestige items unlocked by gaining votes on your FortressCraft world; they are used as bragging rights to show off to other players that the owner's world is popular. Server rewards were introduced in the 1.09 patch.


There are 8 server ranks in total: Unranked, Obscure, Mediocre, Awesome, Epic, Winning, Legendary and Super ranked. Each level, with the exception of unranked and super unlocks a server reward to show off, it has not been stated how many votes are needed for each level of progression. The 1st person to get to a Legendary world was GoodR3V.

The server rewards are as follows:

Server Rank Unlock (with in game photos)
Obscure - World's Best Builder Mug
Mediocre - Compass
Awesome - Paint Palette
Paint Palette
Epic - Fabled Sword Of Epic
Winning - Cup Of Winning

Legendary - Engine Axe

Engine Axe


Unranked is the default starting rank each player gets when resetting or starting a new world. It does not unlock any server rewards.

Super RankEdit

Super rank is currently a glitch in the voting system; it does not unlock any server rewards but gives the player a huge amount of votes. It has been suggested this will be patched in future.