Relics Edit

Relics are objects hidden within a player's world that grant the user a special ability. Relics can be found underground, with the exception of the low and ultra low Flatland modes in which they spawn floating in the sky. Relics are available to a player once they have found it no matter who's world they are in. Relics only reset if a player deletes their save from the xbox, resetting the world does not reset relics anymore.

These are the current relics as of Content Patch 9.

Table of Relics in Fortresscraft Edit

Relic Name



Allows the player to fly, appears as 'angel wings' in third person.
Speed Boots
Speed Boots
Makes the player move twice as fast as the normal character speed.
Jump Boots
Jump Boots
Allows the player to jump 3 blocks high instead of the standard 1.
Water-Walking Boots
Allows the player to walk on water.
Can only destroy blocks, but at twice the range of the pickaxe.
Used in the Freeze Tag game mode, only the host can start a Freeze Tag game mode.
Night-Vision Goggles
Night Vision Goggles
Gives a night vision effect on-screen.
Helmet of Mobile Illumination
Miners Helmet
Illuminates the area around the player.

Note: the light can only be seen on a detail higher than bump+light

TNT Detonator
TNT Detonator
Allows TNT to be detonated.
Lil' Digger
Little Digger
Digs a straight line of blocks for 60 seconds, is affected by gravity, if placed with the left trigger, the digger will explode after 60 seconds.
Lil' Builder
Little Builder
Builds in a straight line for 60 seconds, is affected by gravity and will stop if it hits a standard block. Goes through custom blocks.
Spleef Gun
Spleef Gun
Used in the Spleef game mode.
Optical Camo

Makes the player almost invisible to other people, one of the 3 relics needed for the Hunt game mode. When Activated, zombies ignore you.

Note: Players with optic camo can be faintly seen through other blocks.

Predator Blades
One of the 3 relics needed for the Hunt game mode.
Thermal Vision Helmet
Gives a thermal vision-like effect on screen, effect can be changed with the left trigger. One of the 3 relics needed for the Hunt game mode.

Never released relics Edit

The grappling hook was planned at the beginning of the game but was never put in the final cut of the game.