The Personal Teleporter is a device that was added in Patch 1.1 Interim. It allows the player to move to specific points in the map much more quickly than walking.

How to UseEdit

With the teleporter is equipped, the player has the choice of 3 destinations:

  • The Spawn Tower (top) - this is done by holding the Right Trigger.
  • The Workshop entrance - this is done by holding the Left Trigger.
  • The last location that you teleported from - this is done by pressing the X button.

Use of the teleporter is extremely useful as a player can teleport to the Workshop, build a Custom Block and return to where they were building in a very short amount of time.


  • When starting a new world or re-setting the tutorial under pause the menu screen, the player will not have the teleporter available to them by switching through their weapons. This can be fixed by going in to your Workshop and come out afterwards.
  • The Personal Teleporter is based on the communicators used in Star Trek.