Mobs were introduced in Fortresscraft in patch 1.1 Alpha, currently, they are used in the FPS game mode and creative as an optional extra. At the moment, there are only 3 types of mobs in Fortresscraft:

RPG ModeEdit




Harvesters are segmented robots that move around the world like a roomba robot. Harvesters drop 16 Metal pieces upon death and raise the threat level by 1.0, so killing Harvesters will result in attracting wasps to the player.

To override the Harvester model with custom blocks, use the block names Harvester and Harvstack.




Wasps are flying mobs that float about the Fortresscraft world, they will often hover around the same area until the player attacks a Harvester or gets too close. Once alerted, the eye of the wasp glows red and the it flies over to the player and hovers, if the player attacks the wasp or moves closer to the wasp it will attack. Each laser deals 10 damage to the player's shields/health, so if both lasers from a single wasp hit, there is the potential to do 20 damage per shot. Wasps drop 4 Metal pieces and increase the threat level by 1.0 once killed.

To override the Wasp model with custom blocks, use the block names Wasp and Waspstack.



There are currently no passive mobs outside of FPS mode.




Zombies are a procedurally generated mob used in the creative game mode in FortressCraft. They spawn from a 'monsteremitter' type custom block and will wander about a 128 block area if no target is apparent. Zombies will be attracted to the player and 'braain' type custom blocks. This behaviour makes them very predictable and means that they can be guided to where the player wants them. When a player is within damage range, zombies deal _________ damage. If the optical camouflage relic is being used, the zombies will ignore the player and not harm them.

To override the zombie models, use the custom block names zombiearm, zombieleg, zombiehead and zombiebody.