Harrison Axe
The Harrison Axe was added in 1.1 Pre-alpha with the old texture. In 1.1 Interim the Harrison Axe was given a new texture. Purchasing the ProjectorGames title Steam Heroes allows a user to get a generated code for this axe.

To get the axe you must enter the code obtained from Steam Heroes using a chat pad or USB keyboard using the Console Command <unlock [code]>. This method of unlock is the same as the Neoteric Axe.

In CP9, the Harrison Axe cannot be used to edit a world but can be used by the host to fight Zombies.

Please keep in mind that all codes are Unique to each player meaning you cannot give your code to a friend.


  • Hitting a zombie will launch a zombie roughly 25 blocks away.
  • Zombie will go through solid objects when hit.
  • You cannot hit a zombie that is tracking another player.
  • You can only combat zombies in your own world.
  • Only the host can use this item.
  • You need a chatpad or a USB keyboard to redeem this item.
  • On the View Weapons menu, the Harrison Axe is referred to as the "Steam Axe".