Doors are currently a Console Command only Custom Block effect and requires the use of 2 custom block slots:

  • Dooropen: this is the animation block, the appearance does not matter, but it is advised this custom block is not used in the world once named dooropen
  • Doorswing: this is what the door will look like, the custom block is stretched to 1x2x1m keeping collision to the normal 1m^3 custom block.

Doors can be opened with the X button, or hitting it with a laser from a beamemitter.

A tutorial for door creation can be found here.


  • You must have both custom blocks for the door to work properly, only using doorswing will cause the block to turn into a Rubble / Steps block and will not save.
  • Doors can only be opened with a laser, not closed.
  • Doors are being worked on so that they are less buggy, do not require two custom block slots, and console commands, but this will be in a future patch.
  • Doors will eventually have different animations when opening and closing such as sliding in a future patch.