Doodads are special blocks emitted by a Factory. Doodads are affected by gravity and can be moved about via Conveyor and Jump Pads. They also have no collision. All doodads are ridable by a player by pressing X while standing near one and you will teleport onto the doodad and ride it. To get out, press A. The same applies for riding a Minecart.


In its default state, the doodad appears as a wooden crate with the ProjectorGames logo on the side of it, this can be changed by the player.

The doodad can be changed to any Custom Block design by placing the custom block design on top of the factory the doodads are being emitted from. The crate will then take the appearance of the custom block. Effects like Faceforwards, Big, Small, Slowfall, etc. also carry over to the doodad.

If a custom block entitled 'minecart' is placed on top of the factory, the doodad is replaced by a high poly minecart model instead of the block design on the factory.

During DjArcas' April fools video, the doodad was replaced with the companion cube from Portal. Though this hasn't made it to the game for legal reasons, DjArcas stated that he would love to use the companion cube if FortressCraft goes to Steam.


  • The logo on the doodad was backwards (fixed in Content Patch 9)
  • Doodads disappear if they are stationary for more than 5 seconds. They also time out after 90 seconds if left on conveyors unless they are being ridden by a player.
  • Doodads with the 'faceforwards' or 'minecart' behaviors will not be affected by jump pads.
Fortresscraft Minecart

Minecart being ridden by avatar