Custom blocks are special player-made blocks that are made in the Workshop. They allow greater detail in Fortresscraft worlds since they can be any shape the player requires confined within the size of a standard 1m^3 block.


A custom block positioned next to a regular FortressCraft block

Custom blocks can have a variety of effects added to them so they are more than just static blocks. This has proven popular with the Fortresscraft community and extra effects have been added every single patch since their introduction. You are currently limited to 64 custom blocks.

These effects can be added to custom blocks by entering the workshop with the block selected, then in the pause menu the "Set custom block" option becomes active. The player can the choose from a list of custom effects to add to the block.


The effects in the pause menu are as follows:

Custom Name Effect
None A default static custom block.
Rotatecw The custom block rotates clockwise.
Rotateccw The custom block rotates counter-clockwise.
Fountain The custom block emits a water-like particle effect; the particles are affected by gravity.
Fire The custom block emits a fire-like particle effect.
Smoke The custom block emits a smoke-like particle effect.
Greensmoke The custom block emits a green smoke-like particle effect.
Orbit The custom block circles around the central collision block, the front of the custom is always pointing away from the center.
Planetary Similar to the orbit effect, but the circling custom block rotates counter-clockwise whilst orbiting.
Piston The custom block moves back and forth like a piston.
Squish The custom block stretches and squashes at regular intervals.
Dervish The custom block shakes rapidly on all 3 axis.
Randomisefacing The custom block when placed will be at a slight rotation to the world.
Dangle The custom block moves as if it were hanging from a ceiling and swaying in the wind.
Wind The custom block moves as if it were floor based and swaying in the wind.
Jiggle The custom block shakes slightly.
Big The custom block doubles in size, collision is still the standard 1x1x1 block.
Small The custom block halves in size, as with the big effect, the collision remains the same.
Growshrink The custom block grows and shrinks at regular intervals.
Twizzle The custom block turns left and right at regular intervals.
Factory The custom block emits a doodad at regular intervals when a laser is fired into it.
Conveyor The custom block moves the player (jetpack off) and doodads when they are on top of the conveyor.
Conveyorfast The same as conveyor, except anything moving on the conveyor will move faster than a standard conveyor.
Jumppad The custom block will launch a player or doodad that hits it; doodads travel further than players.
Beamemmiter The custom block emits a laser out of the front of the custom block, if this laser comes into contact with a factory, the factory will emit a doodad.
PressurePad Similar to a beamemitter, but the pressurepad will only fire a laser if a player is standing on top of it, or another laser is fired into it.
Minecart The custom when placed on top of a factory will turn doodads emitted from that factory into minecart models.
Invisible The custom will be invisible and only visible with the selection glow when pointed at.
Factoryrandom Similar to the factory effect, only this factory emits blocks at random intervals.
Faceforwards The custom when placed on top of a factory will make doodads emitted from the factory always face in the direction of travel.

When walked into, this block has no collision. It disables the player's jetpack (if it was on) and allows the player to move without gravity. To move up and down a ladder, use the A and B buttons or walk directly up/down.










Custom Blocks for use with Zombies

Every custom effect in the list can be done using console commands too.

Sometimes when custom effects are new, they will only be accessible via console commands. These effects tend to be a little bit unstable or not quite ready for non-keyboard release.

Current console-only effects include:

Slowfall - This effect makes the custom block fall more slowly from a height than other blocks.


FPS mode overrides


Video demonstration of some of the custom effects: Custom Effects