Console Commands are special commands used to do actions that the game is unable to do without opening the CMD screen. Console commands are also used for players to test upcoming features that are not ready for an official release or are under development.

To Activate Console, Plug in a USB keyboard or Chatpad and then press Left-Shift.

Command Description Example
Help Show command prompt Help
CLS Clears Screen Cls
Echo Display Messages Echo Hello world!
Pos Set position Pos 20, 30
Spawn Spawn instanced object Spawn Jetpack
Time Sets the TimeElapsed Time 24
SetTNT Sets the TNT size up to a max size of 32 SetTNT 10 confirm
AddWater Add a single block of infinite Water Addwater imnotafraid
Fill Fill a cuboid

Fill Grass 5 5 5

Fillsphere Creates a hollow sphere Fillsphere Grass 32 - Will be in CP11
Screenshot Take a screenshot Screenshot - 3rd party extractor required to get to your PC
SplitScreen Set the number of local players SplitScreen 2 ipromisenottocomplainifthegamecrashes
SetName Set the name of the custom block curently in the Workshop Setname Chair
SetVertexCap Sets the vertex cap Setvertexcap <SIZE_IN_KB> ipromisenottocomplainifthegamecrashes
DrawDistance Sets the maximum draw distance to a max of 15 Drawdistance 15
SetMaxPlayers Sets the maximum number of players allowed in your world including the host. Setmaxplayers 8 - as of CP10 user can changed the max players allowed via the new Server Options Menu options
Send Send a message to all players in your world Send Hello, welcome to the server!
AutoBalance Toggles on/off Server Autobalance up to 31 players. AutoBalance
MOTD Sets the message of the day MOTD 1 HI <note that you can set up to 4>
ShowHealth Toggles on/off health meter in top left corner of HUD ShowHealth
ShowVotes Shows Approximate Total number of world votes. ShowVotes
WipeVotes Resets number of world votes back to zero. WipeVotes
FPS Frames Per Second Fps
TweakDequeue This allows you to adjust the number of commands that are processed per second.

TweakDequeue 10 <note 1 = 60, 10 = 600 and so on> ||

TR TimeRuler Tr
Unlock Unlock in-game items Unlock 1388829574
Server Flags Server Flags adds more info to the users world when browising servers Serverflags pixelart
FPS (Fight, Protect, Survive Test of the game mode FPS coming in a future patch

Testfps iamabetatester

Key CommandsEdit

By pressing and holding down "t" on a USB chatpad or keyboard without the CMD screen, it will change the time of day by fast forwarding the time cycle.

By pressing and holding down "r" a blue box will appear on the screen. The blue box will display Zombies nearby and is most likely used as a radar.

By pressing "z" the Optimitron will appear on the screen. This menu will help you optimize your world.

By pressing "w" it moves you forward.

By pressing "a" it moves you to the left.

By pressing "s" it changes the game to 3rd person mode, and also moves you backwards.

By pressing "d" it moves you to the right.

By pressing "spacebar" you jump.

By pressing the numbers 1-9, it selects a Block from the first wheel for the player to place down.

By pressing F8, a screen similar to the Optimitron will appear. You can see X, Y, Z coordinates as well as node location info at he top center of this screen.

By pressing and holding down "o" or "i" the block selector randomly scrolls through the Blocks on the 1st Wheel. (Note: both "o" and "i" have the same function).

By pressing "p" the Pause Menu appears on the screen.

By pressing and holding down "q" the custom renderer is turned off and the Workshop HUD appears as long as the key is held down.