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Default pickaxe

There are a number of holdable items that the player can build with, with varying functions. Each one is different in appearance and used to distinguish 'special' players of the game, like Developers and Contributors.

Default PickaxeEdit

Default copy

Default pickaxe

This pickaxe is given to everyone at the start of the game and is the default item selected when joining a game.

The standard pickaxe animates when pressing "LT" or "RT"

Tech AxeEdit



The Tech Axe was given to contributors within the first few months of game development. It has also been called the recon axe. It is now discontinued and is no longer awarded, except for special occasions.

Wiki AxeEdit

Wiki Axe

'Wiki' Axe

The Wiki Axe is the current axe given to contributors. It was originally designed to be given to the admins of the original wiki, and was created by the then wiki admin Wmpiam. It has been used in the past as a 'recon' axe and is now used as a reward for significant wiki contribution.

Harrison AxeEdit

Harrison Axe

Harrison Axe

The Harrison Axe is unlockable via a code given in the ProjectorGames title Steam Heroes , and typed in to FortressCraft with the [[Console Commands|console command <unlock [code]>

In Content Patch #9, the Harrison Axe does not edit, but instead can be used to attack zombies in your own world.

The Harrison axe animates when the Left or Right triggers are pressed.

Builder GunEdit

Build gun

Builder gun

The Builder Gun has been hinted at being the replacement for the Default Pickaxe . It was used in the demonstration version of FortressCraft at MagFest 2012. Instead of the standard process of having to press the right trigger for each block placed, this gun can produce a line of blocks by only holding down the right trigger. The build gun also builds and destroys substanstially faster when compared to the other building tools.

Storm StaffEdit

Storm Staff

'Storm' staff

The Storm Staff is a relic that will allow the server to control the weather. It is currently only available to developers. This relic will be implemented into the game in a future patch.

Neoteric AxeEdit

The R69L

Neoteric Axe

The Neoteric Axe was introduced in Content Patch #9 and allows users that have the axe to edit their spawn tower without the need of a chatpad or USB keyboard. This axe is also the only way in which customs and water can be placed into the spawn area. The Neoteric Axe also builds outside the spawn tower and has the building animation.

It can be earned via submitting high quality screenshots here that makes it in the main menu circulation. It is also possible to unlock the axe by getting 1 million views on a FortressCraft video demonstrating the game in a positive light.